Login error password reset problems

One of my members has had to reset her password but nothing has come through and she’s locked out

Not sure on what to do


Hi @John_h,

First thing is to ask her to check her spam folder for the password reset email.

If you email me her email address to [email protected], I’ll track down what’s happened in the logs.

Thanks, James

Thank you James She’s in class at the mo her email is *****

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @John_h,

We use a third party service (Mailgun) to deliver emails. I just had a reset password email sent to your student in the last minute or so and the Mailgun logs are showing that the email was sent and acknowledged as received (and everything ok) by your student’s email provider.

The email is definitely being sent and received, as I say if your student could search their spam or other folders. The reset password email is from [email protected] so if she searches on that address that should help.

Thanks, James

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All is ok now she’s seems to be logged in as she’s created more bookings so thank you
And while I have you

Is there a way of changing the payment company from stripe as their charges are not what I expected and high and I’d hate to leave smoothbooks as it’s perfect for what I need


Thank you


Hi John,

Ok good that’s sorted!

I hate to say it but we only work with Stripe at the moment. The technical requirements of what we do with charging are quite complex and Stripe just worked well for us. We’ll definitely implement other solutions in the future but there’s no eta for that - sorry!