Managing priority bookings

Hoping someone here has ideas on how to manage the following:
In my pregnancy yoga classes, most clients will book either 8 or 4 weeks at a time, and generally attend until the end of their pregnancy.
With the very low numbers I can have at the moment, I’m finding I’m fully booked really quickly.
I would like to prioritise current clients in future slots, without forcing them to book too many classes either.
But I have no idea how to do it automatically! Or even half manually.
How do I stop new clients from booking a few weeks from now, when there is a current client that will be booking that slot soon?
Hope it makes sense.

@ Cristina_F,

Just a thought…and as I’m new to the system, not sure of the nuances of how it would work.

Modify the service so that it can be booked X times by a single person (the max number of current clients that would be booking into another class).

Create yourself as a customer, if you haven’t already.

Manage appointments and add yourself as many times as you need to hold slots.

Depending on how you’re running classes and how the wait list function works,
if your client tells you they need to book a class and they are right in front of you, you could both go into Smoothbook. You could manage your appointments and delete one which would open up a space for the client to book.

If the wait list function is also manageable by you and not just first on the list gets transferred in, you could do the same if they weren’t in front of you. They could add themselves to the wait list and you could transfer them in.

Would either of those work? Litsu

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Hi Litsu,
Thanks, this works and is what I’m manually doing at the moment with the “reserve” function, but ideally there will be a more automated way in the future as it takes a long time!

Hi @Cristina_F,

You limit access to timeslots with a (zero cost) package that requires a coupon code - so only the people with the code can book? I appreciate this is clunkier than what you’re looking for: I guess if there was a way of creating cohorts of people and then limiting the bookings in a timeslot per cohort. This is quite a complex piece of work! I’ll put some thought into this but at this stage can’t give any ETA for when this will be delivered.

Thanks for your input! James