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Hi James.

Hope all is good… Posting from Galway, Ireland.

Firstly, I would like to say congratulations on this fantastic system you have developed. It has transformed our small gym business on how we manage our clients. We struggled with having too many members turn up for one class and then have no one turn up for the next - It was very frustrating. Smoothbook has allowed us is look ahead to plan our classes accordingly. It is also giving us feedback on what days and times are less popular for members which can help us provide a better experience by changing these times to suit.

A suggestion I have is on the page where you can see the list of clients who have booked into a specific meeting/class. This page currently has options to move/edit/delete beside each name but would it be possible to add a ‘Check-in’ button. This would allow us to monitor clients as they arrive. Our thoughts were to have an iPad installed at reception with that screen of the names showing. As people arrive they could see their name on the list and press ‘Check in’. At the moment we are tracking this by printing the page and having them sign their name beside the sheet.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again for all the great work.

Tomas Kenny
Mountbellew Fitness Centre

Hey Tomas,

Thanks so much for the kind words - really makes a difference!

I think this - an interface for instructors / students to sign in is a really good idea, could I ask what you use this information for? Some kind of report? Feedback to students? I’m just thinking through: once the attendance has been taken for the class how this information would be best presented / most useful for you.

Have a great weekend!

Hi James,

I think a check in button could be used for a number of reasons:

  • When person hits check in they could receive an automated email. This could be used to say “thanks for attending, see you again soon, etc”.

  • if check in is not pressed within 5 mins of appointment start time then an email could automatically go out saying “sorry you couldn’t make it. Hope to see you soon… don’t forget to cancel in future to free up the slot, etc”

  • the check in data could maybe be collated for clients to see how many classes they did in a month, etc.

  • for the gym, it may be able to generate a report on how many check ins there were per day which could help with doing end of day cash/accounts.

  • If a person turns up 2 minutes before a class is due to start without booking and we can see on the screen that 5 people have not yet hit check in then we can quickly make a decision to give that person the slot.

There may be other data collection reasons people might want to monitor check ins. These are some of the thoughts we were having.

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Tomas this is really interesting, there have been quite a few requests for this and I think it’s definitely worth doing. There is really a lot of development work on at the moment so I can’t make any promises as to when this will be released but this will be on the development list as a priority.

Many thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to get users feedback James.

Best of luck will all your endeavours.


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