Membership problems

Hi James
I am so sorry I seems to be asking you questions every week (or more). A customer who took out membership and the first one ran out in 29th July has not had a further payment taken out but she cannot book more appointments either and is being asked to pay. Is there something that has not been done properly or is it the bank I have to check this with? :thinking:



Hi Andrea,

Really sorry, I’m not fully understanding. Presumably your student needs to pay / renew her membership in order to book?

Sorry James it seems to have gone through now. I will have to ask the member if she can book now. After our earlier conversation about the payment stopping but the booking ability not doing so automatically I am confused as I thought she would have still been able to book. I know that is on your to do list.

Hi Andrea,

Sorry for the confusion!

At the moment a student can book any date on your booking calendar if they have a valid membership. I appreciate the usefulness of making it so that the student can only book on the dates covered by their membership (so if their membership expires in July then they can# book dates in July but not August / September / October). This is on the development list!

But, in all cases, if the student’s membership expires they will no longer be able to use that membership as a payment method to book. Hope that makes sense!

Does a student have to renew their membership every month or is it a rolling direct debit from their account - until they choose to cancel it?

Hi @Kate_S,

Technically it’s a recurring payment so the funds are taken automatically from the student’s account every month.

Having said that, there are new European laws that some banks have implemented requiring two factor authentication (usually involving people confirming the transaction on their phone). So the payment will be made as soon as it’s authorised by the student.

Hope that helps!

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Hi James,

Is there anywhere I can see which of my students have a membership without having to go through each profile? I’ve had a few people sign up to an unlimited monthly membership but I wasn’t aware of this and can’t see who?


I wish there was but don’t think there is - The only way I do it is looking at the booking and it says how they have paid but I still have to wade through as if they stop the membership their ability to book does not automatically stop, they can still book. It is a bit of a chore and I am pretty much just trusting people. with the odd spot check Andrea…

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What??? So if their membership ceases, they can still book classes??? Surely that’s not right??? :flushed:

That’s what James told me. Unless I have completely misunderstood him. And its the same with the blocks

Hi @Kate_S, @Andrea_L

No that’s not correct: if a membership expires the student can no longer use it to book.

The issue is that some organisations would prefer that students can only book appointments within the month which the membership is valid for. So if your membership was only valid for this month you would not be able to make appointments for next month. I completely get the problem, it is being worked on!


Ah okay - phew!

And yes - is only want people to be able to book for the month they’re actually paying for - I.e. if a membership runs 1-31 monthly, I’d only want them to be able to book classes between those dates - otherwise there’s not much point in a monthly membership??

I don’t have any issues with the block booking or class passes though!

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Understand, this is in the works!

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