Minor bug? odd behaviour when manually editing customer packages

Hi @james
I don’t know if this is a significant issue for the customers or not but I saw something unusual when I decided to extend my clients’ package expiry dates by 4 weeks due to the current lockdown.
When I edit the expiry date of their package, the number of credits still seems ok in the main view but I then see in the “history” view of the package that the edit record says “Package updated by Graciela, new balance: undefined”.
As I said, the correct number of credits is still shown in the main view, and I can also restore the value by incrementing then decrementing the number of credits to create another 2 entries in the history, both now showing the updated number of credits. I think probably the only bug is that the history record doesn’t note the number of credits when only the date is updated, but I thought I should point it out. Even more reassuring is that I’ve found one case of a customer whose package history had 12 credits, then I edited the date and the number became undefined, but then she booked 6 classes from the credit and the balance changed to 6. So I’m pretty sure the system is not losing count or making them unusable.

Thanks very much for letting me know @Graciela_M, it’s ‘small’ bugs like this that I probably won’t hear about but which degrade the quality and experience of the system. I will investigate this in the next dev cycle.