Multi-day workshops


I could be wrong but I can’t see how to create multi-day workshops where the booking is one single booking and payment but the workshop covers multiple days

For example, there’s a 5-day workshop/training course between 13-17th September in London. The same course would run 11th-15th October in Belfast.

People booking would be booking for one or other of those two 5 day sessions in London or Belfast. One single payment for the 5 days. In the calendar, each workshop would show as one entry across the specific 5 day period

Is this possible with Smoothbook?


Hi Tim,

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding but it seems that you want to create two workshops - one in London and one in Belfast? The name of the workshop (the service) is the same for both but you are scheduling two different workshops?

In that case you can do as you describe: when you are scheduling / creating the workshop you’ll see an option ‘treat all the appointments in the workshop as one bookable unit’. In terms of charging, if you select ‘settings’ and then ‘charging’ then you’ll see an option at the bottom: ‘charges for workshops’ where you can specify the single charge for the whole workshop.

Hope that helps!

Hi James

I did try that, but it doesn’t show as a single block of 5 days when you look in the calendar. It just shows the first date.

If you edit the workshop there’s an option: ‘people can join midsession’. Does that help?

Thanks, James

That does now show all 5 days of the workshop in the calendar. The issue now is that you can click on any day to make the booking and it’s not clear you are really booking for the full 5 days.

It would be really helpful if on the next page it showed the date as the full 5 days of the workshop rather than just the date you happened to have clicked on