Option of Booking a Space or Paying?

have recently signed up for the paid version & linked it to Stripe. I want to give people the option of just booking or booking & paying for classes on an adhoc basis. Is this possible or is it one or the other? Thanks

I offer students a class pass, they get a cheaper rate for a bulk buy (12 class credits) and they use it ad hoc, but it does have an expiration date so I make it so they kinda have to come 2x a week to make it worth their while. I do factor in a few extra weeks to give them some scope to miss a class here or there - I’ve set it for a 70 day expiry date. Other wise they can purchase a single class - but I rarely sell these - most students take the 12 class pass.

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Hi @Rachel_C,

It’s a little bit clunky but you could do this with a free package (probably for just one appointment).

So you create the free package with one class and label it something obvious (‘click here if you don’t want to pay now’ - something like that. You can also update the package description.)

You can also create as many other packages / single appointment charges as you like as paid options. What this means is that when the student gets to the payment options page they can choose either the free package to pay for their appointment or a paid option.

Hope that helps!