Package credits after expiry

I have noticed I’m able to use expired credits with no warning the package has expired without looking into the clients account
Are the clients able to access these credits after the expiry like I was
For example
The package had 6 credits available still on its expiry but it didn’t reset to 0
so when the client called and wanted to book I went on the appointments page I clicked the plus to add the client to the class
Searched for the client, found her
And it brought me up the expired package and the credits to use as a use of payment
But it didn’t show that the package was expired so there shouldn’t have been a credit option ?



Hi @John_h,

I’m fairly sure that how you assign and use credits is up to you on the admin side but your customers should not be able to use credits from expired packages when they book through the booking calendar. If that’s happening please could you let me know asap at [email protected] and let me know the customer’s email so I can investigate.