People able to book without paying

I’ve had two people book into my Dancing in the Urban Wild without paying. This shouldn’t be possible. I’ve no idea what’s happened, as I have no free option available. Can you have a look as soon as possible please?

Hi @Jess_G,

Sorry that you’re having this difficulty.

I just had a quick look at your account and you have two attendees for this event, both of whom paid with package credit? You can check this very quickly by selecting ‘appointments’ -> ‘view appointments’ and then choosing ‘dancing in the urban wild’ from the service dropdown. You can then see the payment information for each attendee by selecting the ‘payment information’ checkbox.

You can also see appointment / payment / transaction history for each customer by selecting ‘customers’ from the main menu and searching on the customer.

If there are any discrepancies please let me know asap with any detail you might have at [email protected]

Thanks, James

Hi James. There’s no problem with the two who are currently booked. I have removed the bookings by two more people who had managed to book without paying. When I clicked on their payment information there wasn’t any. When I clicked on their customer information, they also didn’t have any payments showing. I want to make sure this can’t happen again.

It turns out one person had actually paid, but her payment details weren’t showing under the class information. The other person seems not to have paid (though now has rebooked and paid and his payment information is appearing as normal).