Privacy Policy displayed every time


the problem I’m facing is: with smoothbook integrated on my website the Privacy Policy comes up every time even though the user is logged in and has already given the consent and allowed the cookies.

Having this message everytime when a user refreshes the webpage is annoying.

Do you have any workaround to this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Mihai_P,

Very sorry that you’re having this difficulty! Can you post the url of your website with the booking calendar or send it to [email protected]?

Thanks, James

Hi James,

I’ve sent an email to [email protected]


Hi @Mihai_P,

Thanks for your message and email. Sorry for the inconvenience, this issue has now been fixed - please let me know if you have any other difficulties.

The issue was caused by a (not unreasonable) new policy from Chrome regarding cookies: that’s why you don’t see this issue with the other browsers.

Thanks, James

Hi James and a Happy New Year,

the same “Your Consent is Important” message is displayed even in the calendar not to mention on the website:

It gets stuck there and you can’t get rid of the message, this happens on Firefox and Chrome not in Safari or Microsoft Edge

Thanks and Let me know,

Hi @Mihai_P,

A very happy new year to you too!

I hate to say it but when I look at this I just can’t see any problem. Are you using the WordPress plugin? Is the calendar embedded in your website? Could you send me a link to where the link to the calendar is?


Hi James,

indeed the problem is gone. After some hours after my email the problem on firefox and chrome dissapeared.

It is wordpress but I’m not using the WP plugin but the embeded link directly into the page.
Here is the booking page in question:

Thank you,

Hi @Mihai_P,

It’s Murphy’s law really: when I look at your site everything is working fine for me - and I tried a few different browsers.

When the user consents to using cookies an item is stored in the user’s browser: if for some reason that item cannot be found then the notice will keep showing every time they visit. This will happen if the user is using incognito mode for example and there may be other settings regarding localstorage in the browser that can cause problems. But as far as I can tell there should be no problem for you and your users under normal conditions.

BTW the calendar looks great in Romanian! Let me know if you have any issues with that / things that you can’t translate, etc.

Thanks, James

I have the same issue using Safari. With the registration calendar embedded on my website it really makes for a confusing visual and kind of ruins the flow of the page.