Problem creating/editing packages on Chrome browser

Hi @james,
I think I’m seeing some interaction between browser autofill and the create/edit package dialog. When I create a new package “from scratch”, i.e. when I’ve not used the browser before, it all goes fine. But if I try to create a second package the dialog opens with a lot of the same selections already appearing, i.e. the services are already filled in and the package expiry dates are set. That seems useful but it’s an illusion! When I click on save it complains that I didn’t select any service, so I click on the service box and all the autofilled services disappear and I have to fill them in. Then I save the package and find that it has no expiry date set! I then found it very difficult to edit the expiry date and make it stick. It looks like I have to set it not to expire, save changes, then change it back again, even setting a wrong date and then editing it to the right date, just to make sure all the form selections were really entered by me and not from some “ghost” autofill setting.
Oddly enough the autofill effect (if that’s what it is) even seems to have the opposite effect on old packages. With the newly created ones the package end date kept appearing when I tried to edit but didn’t take effect when saved, but when I open an old expired package for editing it refuses to show the expiry dates (both package availability and customer package) and leaves them blank for editing. This means I can’t check what the existing settings are for package availability. The summary list of packages only shows when the customer package expires, not when it stops being available. When I open a package for editing, it asks me to choose a date instead of showing me what it was.
I’m using Chrome, which is pretty mainstream, especially now that MS Edge is also using the same underlying web engine, but am I the only one with this problem?

Thanks very much for your detailed comment @Graciela_M . This is the kind of thing that usually I won’t hear about (and probably doesn’t come up in testing), this is super helpful!

I’ll mark this to be fixed, the fix will probably be rolled out in the next week or so.

Have a good weekend!