Problems with customers unable to book

Hi folks,

Unfortunately a large number of customers have experienced an issue with the booking calendar: they may have reported being unable to get past the cookie consent form / page not loading, etc. The bottom line is that they have been unable to book. I’m very sorry about this.

We recently rolled out an update to Smoothbook: the issue is that an older version of the system is being erroneously retained (cached) in people’s browsers. Smoothbook is tested extensively before it’s updated and there is more than one mechanism in place to prevent exactly this issue taking place. This is very frustrating for me!

The solution for you and your users is to do a ‘hard reload’ on the page. On desktop this is ctrl / ⌘ + f5; on mobile there is usually a reload button which is indicated by a circular arrow sign.

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I wish you could do something from your end. My clients keep reporting the problem even after I instructed them to do the “hard reload”. My business is very small and I can’t afford to lose bookings because the app is not working.

Hi @james this information was helpful, I have now posted it on my website. I did as you said myselfe and it did work on my computer but unfortunally not on my phone. Any more tips you can give?

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Hi @Carina_J,

I’m confident that this issue is now resolved going forward and that almost all customers are not experiencing issues now. Unfortunately the existing code in your browser still needs to be cleared. This should happen naturally as the cache expires and should happen when you reload the page. But, if you are still experiencing this issue then you can:

  • Browse to Smoothbook using incognito mode in your browser
  • Use a different browser
  • Clear your browser history or at least any history relating to Smoothbook

I appreciate that these are not ideal solutions, as I say: I’m really expecting this issue to be resolved today.

Many apologies again.



I’m really expecting this issue to be resolved for most if not all users today.

Yours, James

Nope, clients still having issues today, same issue. Looks more to be Apple Safari issue (on IOS and Apple OS) than other browsers though.


The solution - if people are still experiencing this - is for people to reload the page - that will fix this.

Thanks, James