Registion form problems

I’m trying to add a registration form to my booking system. I’ve got as for as labeling the form and saving it. A drop down menu appears at the side as a series of black lines. I cannot get it to open, So I cannot go any further and add my own questions etc.

Also in ‘control type’, what does ‘text area’ mean?

Hi @Julie_D,

Very sorry that you’re having these difficulties!

Ah sorry: if I understand the black lines are not a menu, they indicate that the form field block can be dragged / dropped to re-order the form fields. I appreciate that icon is misleading!

You should be able to just simply create as many form items / fields as you need, if you’re having difficulty with that please let me know.

There are two control types: text input and text area. Text input is just for the user to input a line of text; a text area will take a multi-line response / paragraph.

Hope that helps!


So where it says add form item it i just need to add a question I need answering such as health? What questions does the system ask for by default? I need to add a pregnancy Yoga health booking form for my 6 week course. Some students may rebook subsequent courses. It will be annoying for them if they have to redo the form each time. How do I get round this?

Hi @Julie_D,

That’s correct: you just need to enter your question, whether the answer is required and whether the answer will be in a text input or text area. And then you can re-order the questions if you like.

There are two types of form: registration form (completed once when your users register) and booking form (completed every time they book). As I understand you should be able to do what you need with just a registration form: as you say it’s quite annoying for your customers to be completing forms every time they book.

Hope that helps!