Removing offer of future appointments

I’m a new user, trying to make this work to use for booking spots in a couple of project rooms at my university, where my allowed student numbers have been limited due to covid-19. I think it’s great that this is free and flexible, as it’s very difficult to find anything suitable for what I want to do. However, in Settings -> Calendar I unchecked the box for “Users will be offered the chance to book future timeslots when they book”, assuming that this would mean that the page that is shown during the booking checkout-process with suggested future appointments (the page shown before “Please review your appointments”) would not be shown, as I found the checkout process a bit long and somewhat unclear. But the checkbox doesn’t seem to do anything - there is nothing different about the booking process after having unchecked it. I made sure that it had been saved - reloaded the page a few times etc. But still, nothing is different. Is this checkbox not working, or what is it supposed to do?

Hi @Susanne_L,

That’s correct: where it says: ‘Users will be offered the chance to book future timeslots when they book’, if that is unchecked then your users will just skip the future appointments page. Please make sure that your settings are saved on the calendar settings page. Also, your calendar will not pick up changes to the settings dynamically, you need to reload / refresh the page. That should implement things as you describe, if you’re still having difficulty could you post the link to your booking calendar and / or just send a quick email to [email protected].

Thanks very much!

Thank you for your reply! I had tried reloading the page, as well as testing on another browser in case there was a cashing issue, before posting here, but neither worked. However, as I try it now, it seems to work, so perhaps there was a delay in the implementation of the change. Either way, it works now. Thank you!

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