Request additional info in "payment info" records

Hi @james
May I request an enhancement of the appointment records so that the “payment info” names the package from which credit was paid? This will help with the accounting because for historical reasons I base my records on classes given rather than cash income, but the attributable ‘value’ of each class depends on which package the credit was taken from.
I appreciate this could take some time to do or might not even be possible if the information isn’t already there

Hi @Graciela_M, (also as requested by @Carina_J) Your timing is great: this will be in the next release which is in final testing right now and due to be released in the next day or two. Also included is a fix for your feedback on the adding / editing packages modal / form - there were some definite issues there.

The way this has been done is to be the same way as the dashboard: so payment info will read ‘appointment paid for with xyz package credit’. I think going forward it will be more useful to split this into two columns: ‘payment type’ (cash / package credit / membership, etc.) and then a column with purely the package name. That way you’ll easily be able to sort / filter, etc. on specific payment types and packages.

Reporting is a big focus going forward, it would be great to hear if there are other things that are useful for you guys.

Thanks very much to both of you!

ps. Graciela, I also did a bunch of work on the admin interface for workshops which I hope is useful / makes things easier to manage for you. As I say, this should be released in the next few days.

This is amazing @james.
I have two more things I thought about …

  1. can it also be done so you can have different time on how far in advance you can, for example, book a workshop and a regular class?
  2. if a meeting is canceled, it would be good if that class could still be seen under booked classes but as status “deleted by client” or “deleted by admin”

Hi @Carina_J,

The updates for the payment info have been deployed now, hopefully this is working better for you!

Both of these suggestions are quite interesting, I’m going to look into these. As usual there is a lot of development work in the queue but these are certainly doable, I will see what I can do.

Many thanks, James


thanks very much @james I just saw the new workshop calendar - very useful!
Also the payment info works retrospectively - just what I wanted, perfect!
I’ll be interested to see how the changes in workshop set-up look when I start setting up the next round of workshops for the New Year quite soon (or should I? One of my clients has predicted there’ll be another New Year lockdown following a spike of Christmas COVID-sharing!)
thanks again! :smile:

Glad this is working for you Graciela!