Request for block update ability

Hello, I don’t think this is possible at the moment but I would really like to be able to

  1. search for clients who have current class passes. (This is something I understood to be in the pipeline but don’t know if it ever got released?)

  2. bulk update the client’s passes to be extended by a certain number of days.

This is so when I am away I can easily extend the class passes so they don’t miss out.

Thanks, Clair

Hi @Clair_Y,

I need to make an apology at this point: due to Covid and the disruption to business that we’ve all experienced unfortunately it was necessary to scale back the development of new features for a time. Things are really bouncing back now: the feature you mentioned is high on the development list and I hope to get to that soon.

This is a great idea, I will definitely look into this.

Thanks for all your suggestions!


Thanks James