Request for more customers to be visible on 1 customer page

Hello, I would like to be able to see more than 10 rows on the customer page.

This is again to make it easier to go through and update client’s passes.

I would also like to be able to hit back from a customer page and it to go back to the page I was last on. Currently, it always takes me back to the first page.

So for eg currently if I have scrolled forward to page 7, selected a customer and updated, and then hit the back button, I get taken back to page 1, rather than page 7 which I was just on. Going all the way back to page 1 each time makes the manual process of update class passes evening longer.

Thanks Clair

Hi @Clair_Y,

Thanks for your feedback. This is the list of customer appointments? I think this is a good idea for this section, I will add this to the development list.

Just FYI you can get a very comprehensive and more holistic view of a single customer’s appointments by selecting appointments -> view / export appointments from the main menu and filtering on the customer name (you will not be able to edit from here).

Thanks, James

Hi James just giving you a screenshot to make sure we are on the same page - no pun intended…

This is the page where I would like to be able to have the option of seeing more than 10 lines.

This is also the page where if I hit back I get taken to page 1 even when that’s not the last page I was on. I expect the back button to take me to the last page visited?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks Clair

Sorry @Clair_Y, I had to remove the image as it contains personal information.

Ah ok I see what you mean! This is a good point, I will look into this.

Thanks, James