Request to be able to to download a customer transaction report

Hello, last request for today…

I would like to request a customer transaction report in a format I can download to excel.

This would be for reconciliation with stripe.

Thanks, Clair

Hi @Clair_Y,

You can do this by selecting appointments -> view / export appointments from the main menu and selecting the ‘payment information’ checkbox at the top of the table. Then you can apply any filters you like to the table: date from / to, customer, class, etc.

Hope that helps

Hi James, his doesn’t give me the information I need for reconciliation (bookkeeping). I need the transactions. So when and how much they paid for a class pass rather than when they used it. Hope that makes sense? Let me know. Thanks Clair

Hi @Clair_Y,

I appreciate what you’re saying but Smoothbook does not currently support exporting all transactions in this way. Really Stripe is the source of truth for your transactions and there are many ways of exporting / reconciling your data from there. Smoothbook maintains a comprehensive audit trail - but mainly per customer: you can view an individual customer’s transactions from the customer page.

Hope that helps!