Requirements for restarting hall classes

Hi everyone

I’m about to restart one of my hall based classes and wonder if anyone else has done so recently. My question relates to NHS Track and Trace for Covid-19. Do you know if it is a requirement to do this similar to cafes? Do I have to ask attendees to evidence a recent negative Covid test?

I’d love to hear from those who have restarted as to what they did regards this.

Many thanks


Hi Monica. I’m not restarting until June but I understand that the QR Code is the responsibility of the venue, but you will need to keep a list of attendees. I haven’t seen any suggestion that we have to ask for evidence of test, but it’s good practice to have a COVID PARQ - take a look at EMD UK, their advice is excellent and they have numerous free templates to download.

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Hi Monica,

Yes each venue should have a QR code and those that do not have the app should complete the relevant form provided by the venue.

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Thanks very much for your help with this. I will get in touch with the owner of the building as when I looked to get a QR code it asks for the contact details of the person responsible for the building.

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