Scheduling a class every other week

Is there a way to schedule a class every other week?
At the moment I need to close the day completely but I just need make this modification for 2 classes, not the day…

Hope I explained it well for you all to understand. Appreciate your guidance :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is. As you say you could book it as a holiday but I think that would close the whole day. We do a class alternating weekly between am and pm and we just leave them both on and then block all the sessions off the one that is not current.
Interested to learn if there is another way.

Hi @Nicole_Z,

You can schedule the service or resource off? If you select ‘settings’ from the main menu and click on ‘resources and services’ icon, you’ll see a link next to each service and resource: ‘days off’. If you click that you’ll be able to schedule the class to be unavailable on the given days.

Hope that helps!


Ah yes!! thank you! I’ll do that :slight_smile:

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