Setting a future strt date on calendar

I am hoping to start my lessons up in a couple of weeks, but I want to get everything in place before then. My question is, how can I set a future start date on my calendar? At the moment, I only seem to be able to set each lesson up as repeated lessons each week. I really don’t want my students to start booking lessons and paying for them before we have actually started back up.


You can disable any resource or service globally by unchecking the box next to it in:

Settings >> Resources and Services >> Your Services or
Settings >> Resources and Services >> Your Resources

And enable when you’re ready or for either resources or services, you can edit days off and just click on every day for the next couple weeks.


Hi @Chris_L,

Thanks @Litsu_R!

Chris you can also schedule the service / resource or entire organisation off until the day you want to start. If you select ‘settings’ -> ‘resources and services’ from the main menu you’ll see a link next to each service and resource: ‘days off’. For more information you can also see:

Hope that helps!