Setting up a membership

Hi guys, I’d like to set up a membership for clients to be able to book unlimited classes per month for a rolling monthly fee.
Do I need to create a package for this, do that they use these credits? Or perhaps I don’t need to? Can anyone help please?

There’s a very handy ‘membership’ option that will do that for you! Just go to settings - changing for appointments - your memberships (scroll down and you’ll see that section just under the packages.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Montse!

Thank you so much. I’ve set up the unlimited classes per month on a rolling membership. So far so good.
I would like to set up a rolling membership allowing 6 classes per month.
I’m thinking I have to assign a package to the membership for this to happen?
Also can anyone explain what this notice means? I have put an expiry, so shouldn’t gsve a problem right?

Hi @Siwan_H,

Yes that’s correct: if you’d like to limit the number of classes that are given to the customer each month then you should select a package to be awarded each month.

Your setup looks good to me!

The expiry date on the customer package is optional but if there’s no expiry then the customer’s credits will accumulate month after month.

The ‘package expires’ field is if you would like the package to become unavailable for purchase on a given date. You should probably leave that field blank in this case.

Hope that helps!