Sign in/Sign out feature

I’m not sure if this exists already but it would be good if class attendees could sign in and sign out their attendance at classes via Smoothbook. The use case I am particularly thinking about is where parents are dropping their children off at classes. Which leads on to another feature where a parent has a Smoothbook account to which allows them to book classes for their child or children


Thanks for your message, Tim. Attendance tracking is definitely on the development list but will take a month or two to get to.

Giving someone the ability to book on behalf of another person’s account is a very interesting idea, I’m going to give that some thought.


Hi James

Being able to manage the booking register in real time would be great as an admn. Being able to mark people attended or did not attend would be really helpful.

Thanks for your suggestion @Helen_O, this is an interesting idea.

I’m going to bump attendance up the list as there seems to be high demand for this!