Spaces available for a class

Hi, I was pretty sure that when a client logs on it shows how many spaces are left in the class. I cant see where this is anymore? Can someone advise, has there been a change or am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi @Lisa_N,

No this hasn’t changed: when your clients choose a timeslot it will show how many places are available. Could you post a link to your calendar or send it to [email protected]? Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding!


I have the same probelm - I can see how many spaces are available, but when I log in as a client and I try to make a booking, it doesn’t show how many spaces are still free.

Here is the link to my calendar:

Many thaks for your help James.

Hi Irina,

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding but the first page of the calendar shows the shift, for which there may be multiple timeslots. Once you choose the shift, the next page will show the timeslots for that shift with the number of spaces available shown.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding!


Hi James and thank you for your prompt reply.

I attach a few screenshots to support my query.

Is it possible to show available slots on the first page that details all available classes on that day? At preset it doesn’t.

Once you press the Book button, you are taken to a screen that says you’re booked on that class and gives you the option to book any further future slots - this is where the available slots are mentioned. But nothing about how many slots are still available on the class I’m actually booking?

It’s good for business to show your prospective customers they’re booking onto an almost fully-booked class!

Also may I ask what the “no payment” comment is?

I haven’t set up payment details as we don’t use your approved supplier. We prefer bank transfer and/or payment my link via iZettle. Am I able to add our payment details onto the system?

If not, can I replace the “no payment” comment with something like “payment details will follow in a separate email”?

Thank you for your time and advice!

We love the system so far… haven’t yet reached the waiting list phase to see how that handles!!

Hi @Tim_W,

Thanks very much for the kind words!

If a person cannot book more than one appointment per timeslot it goes automatically to the choose future slots page that you see. The idea of showing the shift on the front page was that it would compress information: it’s conceivable that someone could schedule 15 minute timeslots in an eight hour shift so showing all of those would really mess up the page.

But I get what you’re saying about creating urgency about booking (or just letting people that they may miss out). This is good feedback and could add value for you guys, I will put some thought into this.


@james ,

Is anything happening with this feature?

An option to always show number of appointments left on the client booking calendar would be useful. Even before they click on a session they would have an idea of the urgency to book.

I can see the number on the ‘Manage Appointments’ but it would be useful for the users to be able to see this also.



Hi @Rob_F,

I’m looking into this, it’s tricky from a UX point of view. The first page of the calendar shows a shift (which can have any number of timeslots) so if people have lots of timeslots the calendar gets messy really quickly. But I do see the usefulness of this, I will do some investigation.

Thanks, James