Subscription Payment Currency

Is it possible to pay for the monthly subscription in euros as opposed to USD ? My bank is charging me fees for this currency change.

Thank you!

I think you can do that with your stripe settings… I changed mine to canadian dollars for a while - and then back to USD.

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My payments from customers are made through Stripe using Pounds Sterling but the subscription is in USD. Is it possible to set up the monthly subscription to be taken as Pounds Sterling to avoid the bank fee for currency change?

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Hi guys,

A few years ago I discovered that Barclays was charging me some insane fee for currency conversions so I understand the pain! I had a look into this and I can’t see a way that I could change this on my end without crazy complexity involving live currency conversions, dynamic pricing pages, etc.

Having encountered these problems myself the best option for me was a better / fairer bank - certainly one that was better with currency conversions and international payments. You should do your own research but the best for me was Revolut (I have no affiliation). They use market rates and have zero fees for currency conversions plus there are lots of other useful things like the ability to freeze payment cards, subscriptions, etc.

It may be possible to change your settings as mentioned by @Kathy_W - I just don’t know that much about that.

I will look into ways to improve things on the Smoothbook side!

Hi James

Thank you for telling us about Revolut. I will check them out.

Many thanks


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