The case of the missing photos

Hi James,

I don’t tend to look into my calendar, that’s the point of an automated system… but today I went and realised that the images I had set up for the resources and the services were all gone. Any idea of what happened, where are they and if I have to re-upload again or can be found ‘somewhere’


Hi Montse,

I’m very sorry but unfortunately there has been a service issue with the file server that stores the images with the result that some images have been lost. The images have all been backed up but it’s going to take me until tomorrow (end of Wednesday your time) for me to reformat / reupload them.

Very sorry about that!

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No worries,
Let me know if they can be re-uploaded on your end or I’ll fish them out (if I can remember which ones I had, haha)

Hi @Montserrat_G,

With apologies for any inconvenience, this issue has now been fixed - you should not need to do anything on your end.

Thanks, James

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