The Google Calendar integration has been temporarily disabled

With sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, the Google calendar integration with Smoothbook has been temporarily disabled due to technical issues. I will be working to re-instate this feature but can’t currently give an estimate for when this will be available again - sorry.

For various reasons this was a technically tricky integration from the beginning and I put a fair bit of time into it. The feature worked well for some time but, as Smoothbook has grown, the system repeatedly hit API limits with Google and recently there have been other issues highlighted in this forum as well.

The reason for the integration was to offer owners and instructors a way of seeing their classes / managing their schedule without having to log into Smoothbook; there will be new ways of achieving this in the future!

Thanks for your understanding,


Hello @james Thank you very much for update, for us is a very important this tool. Also will be great to update de payment option, sadly in Costa Rica Stripe is not support it.

Hi @Casa_Zen_G,

I am sorry but there is just not a quick or easy way of fixing the issues with this integration. In particular any changes I make need to be approved by Google which they are saying will take over four weeks.

I’m also working on implementing other payment processors!

Thanks, James

Hi James,
Has this got anything to do with the link not appearing on confirmation emails? Some are receiving it but several are not. :smiley: