Time limited packages

Is anyone offering packages with a time limit for the use. Please tell me how you are doing it. I thought setting up a weekly pass meant that classes could only be attended to the end of that 7 day period but I have discovered that it means that people can book as far into the future as they want as long as they book within the 7 days.

This is a problem for me and means that I will have to withdraw that offer, or physically check which would be a real chore.

Has anyone any suggestions.


Don’t know, but I am following, as I will need to do this at some point, when classes move back into real spaces.

Hi guys,

That’s correct: if you say a package expires in a week then your customers will not be able to use any credits within the package when it expires. However whilst it’s valid they can book any date that is available according to the visibility rules - however far in the future that may be.

A few people have asked about this and I’m just (at the moment) not seeing an easy way of making this work - the main problem being disrupted user flow. At the moment your customers choose the appointment, ts & cs, etc., confirm and pay. Now we’re saying they’re going to get to the payment stage, choose the limited dates package and be told that some or all of their appointments cannot be booked (because they’re outside the dates allowed).

You can set visibility rules so that your customers cannot book more than X days before the appointment if that helps? Select ‘settings’ -> ‘calendar settings’ from the main menu. Unfortunately this is on an organisational level, I’m thinking it might be useful to have visibility rules per service: I’ll have a think about that.

Hi James
I have been hounding you because classes are not always being triggered onto zoom and some people are not getting the info to get into zoom on their confirmation email.

I think I have noticed a pattern.

I think, but only a theory that people who take out membership are not getting the log in link and ID and are also not triggering the zoom class set up.

Is this a possible answer and can you do anything about it if it is the case as they still need to be able to access the classes they book onto. You will recall I sent you a copy of the booking confirmation for someone who is in fact a member.


Hi Andrea,

Sorry for these issues, you make a good point, I will look into this.

Thanks, James

Ah, I’ve just raised the same question again. I know that the time limit works on other platforms, but how I have no idea! As people (mostly) tend to book all their appointments in one go, I suppose I could set advance booking to no more than 28 days ahead…but this then makes it difficult if they’re being kind enough to pay in advance of their block starting.

Hi @Helen_O,

You could do it the way you suggest but I know this is not ideal.

This issue really needs to be sorted: I have bumped it to be high on the priority list. It’s quite a tricky problem and I really hate to give guarantees where software development is concerned but I hope to have a solution for this within the next month or so.

Thanks, James