Unable to access calendar

Currently host the calendar embedded on our website. Recently users have been unable to access it since the calendar was updated to show a “Your consent is important” page. A white page appears - looks like the CSS hasn’t loaded correctly. If i force the iframe to reload the information appears in a model window, but now the iframe height for the calendar is set to 66px

Clicking from the smoothbook dashboard also no longer works either, for example:


This is what the users see too.

Been working perfectly for years before then!

Any ideas?

Very sorry about that. Could you post the web address of the page having problems or send it to [email protected]? I’ll look into this right away.

Ah I think I may have been having the same problem

Hi guys,

I am sorry about that, this issue should now have been fixed.

Thanks, James

Thanks, the css formatting is now correct, however its still having an issue where the created iframe is only 66px high (I’ve purposely made the tags look dodgy so it doesnt try and format them on here

iframe src=“https://app.smoothbook.co/calendar/597ee7bf835d042cbe540896/#/home” class=“sb-iframe” frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” style=“display: block; width: 100%; overflow: hidden; height: 66px;” id=“iFrameResizer0”>< /iframe

If I force the height to be 650 in document.on ready, it momentarily looks correct before resizing back to 66px (and therefore not possible to read the contents) so it looks like something in https://api.smoothbook.co/lib/calendar-embed.js iframeresizer is causing the issue, perhaps the way its trying to determine the height of the parent div?

The only workaround was for me to settimeout by 5 seconds when applying a height of 650 to iFrameResizer0. Again this is something that has only happened recently.

Edit - actually that doesn’t sort it either, the calendar still doesn’t display properly, see screens below.

This is on Chrome, edge (old edge) works fine

If I click on continue

Its like it isn’t firing the calendar after clicking continue. If I reload the frame after having accepted it loads the calendar correctly.

Hi there,

I appreciate your very detailed comment! And I am sorry for this difficulty. This is a straight bootstrap modal, I’ve used them hundreds of times before and just never had issues like this before. Is there any way you could send me the url of the site where this is occurring? I will try to investigate on this end.

Thanks very much!


Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get this to fail. I’m using Browserstack to test Chrome / Edge / Safari, etc. on mobile and desktop: it’s all working ok for me?

Try chrome incognito mode - disable caching.

Window loads with consent modal, but the actual calendar never displays

I’m really not a ‘works on my machine’ type of developer but this is a strange one. I can recreate this issue on your site but not on others, e.g. https://smoothbook.co/frame-test/ . And weird as well that none of this showed up in any other environments in Browserstack. There’s an unhandled exception thrown by Google ads which I’ll fix but this happens on any site using the iframe.

I’ll investigate this further but in the meantime may be best to fallback to the ‘book now’ button? Sorry.

Hello, this is happening on my calendar too https://www.yogabradford.co.uk/book/ and also a friend who I helped set up on smoothbook www.yoga-north.co.uk and
Neither the “agree” or the “X” button are working to allow me to then view the calendar. Any help appreciated, thanks

Hi Angela,

I am sorry but there is an issue that has caused this issue with some (apparently random) browsers. The issue is that an old copy of the calendar application is being kept (cached) in the browser and not being correctly updated. You and your users can solve this issue by doing a hard reload on the page: pressing ctrl (or command ⌘ on macintosh) + f5 will reload the page and should fix this.

This is very frustrating for us: we’ve done hundreds of similar updates in the past without incident and pre-deployment testing on multiple browsers was without incident. We will be looking for ways to prevent this in the future. Sorry again!