Unable to add Contact Number

Hi. I’ve recently added a new field into my Customer Information which allows a contact number to be added for the purposes of Track and Trace requirements (I hold outdoor fitness classes). It’s let me add a few without any issues but now I can’t add any - it’s let me type the number in and click Save but doesn’t save the data in the field. I’ve tried logging out and back in and different browsers (Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox) but it makes no difference. Any ideas at all?!

Many thanks.


Hi Dawn,

Ok sounds like somethings wrong there. Please could you send me an email at [email protected], this is so that I can investigate what’s happening. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Hi James - just today I have had this issue. Again for track and trace trying to add some customers phone numbers. Any news on the issue? App works a treat for our needs TY

Hi Ian,

I am sorry, I forget what issue this is related to? You can ask for your customer’s phone number by adding a field to the registration form? Does that make sense? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.