Waiting list bookings

The first time we have reached the waiting list phase - we are thrilled.
We had someone on the waiting list, but we weren’t notified of this (so we had no clue there was one person on the list). We only saw it when logging into the system and clicking “manage appointments”.
Then one person cancelled (we got notified of this) so the person on the waiting list did receive an email telling them a space had become available. So they booked it.
BUT - they did not receive a confirmation email and we did not receive their booking. It’s as if the booking never happened. So the system now shows 1 available space and 1 person on the waiting list.
When a third person tried to book, they were sent through to the waiting list, even though a space is available.
I’m confused - are we doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Hi @Tim_W,

You can also see the waitlist for the class on the dashboard but - sorry - there is no notification when someone joins it.

When someone receives a notice that a space is free and goes to the calendar they then book the appointment as normal: payments, confirmation emails, etc. are all exactly the same. It sounds like - for whatever reason - the booking process was not completed here.

Could you send a quick email to [email protected] with the date and time of this appointment so that I can have a look at this?

Thanks, James

I think I’ve sorted it, I don’t think they finished the booking successfully

Can we be alerted about people joining the waiting list?


Good to hear, @Tim_W . I will add waitlist notifications to the development list but - sorry - can’t give an estimate for when this will be delivered.

Thanks, James

My last question, I promise.
Is there a way of moving someone who has booked (but not paid yet) to the waiting list, thus not allowing them to block a sos e for someone who is willing to pay for their class straight away?
I’ve noticed people book their discs and then they don’t pay until the very last minute. We end up with people on waiting lists that would have paid had they been given the chance!
I know as admin I can delete a booking, move it to another date or I can manually add someone to a class, but not sure if I have a way of moving someone to the waiting list?

Hi @Tim_W,

To answer your question: sorry but there is not currently a way of manually adding someone to a waitlist. I think there’s a little bit of work to be done on waitlists which I’ll look into.

But just out of curiosity: I’m sure you have your reasons but you could solve this problem by requiring people to pay before they booked? Then you’d know that everyone who booked was committed?