Waiting list email

Hi can we edit the waiting list email? I’d love to add my logo to it like I can with the other email templates.

This is a brilliant system btw. It does almost everything I want it to do.

Hi Helen,

Sorry at the moment the email for when a space becomes free is hard-coded. I agree this should be configurable, I will put this on the development roadmap.

Thanks for the kind words!


I’m intrigued…how do you add your logo to the email templates?


You need to know a bit of hmtl, go into code view <> and insert an image tag with your image uploaded somewhere (i.e where your website is hosted, I use wordpress so its just in the WP library)

< img src=“xxxxxxxx/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/logo.png” width=“500” height=“176” >

(no spaces between the < and > )

Well that’s how I do it, if there is a better way please let me know!



Thank you for the information…I don’t currently have a website, so that may be beyond me at this point.


Is this something that can be done simply in the e-mail templates with a %? that puts your saved logo at the top of the e-mail?


Hi @Helen_P, @Litsu_R,

Helen I’m impressed - I did not actually know you could do this!

This feature is buried quite deeply in the development to do list but it’s a good / useful thing, I will bump this up the list!

Thanks, James