Waiting list not working

When a customer tries to join the waiting list for one of my services, they can’t move past the slot selection screen. Can someone have a look please?

@james ?

Hi @Cristina_F,

Sorry for the delay: I had a look at your system and everything looks ok to me? Did this issue happen to one person or it’s happening to all users?

Thanks, James

It happens to me whether I’m logged in as my dummy user or logged out, and some users have reported it too. Postnatal and Baby Yoga is the one I’ve tried.

Ok I’ll look into this, thanks for letting me know.

On this topic, at the moment all my Postnatal and Baby Yoga workshops are full, so they’re not showing on the booking calendar!!
This is upsetting, as I need clients to see when they run, and to be able to join a waiting list.
Can you look into it @james when you get a minute? Also something else I posted might be related too.