Waiting list - when a place becomes available they are not notified

Hi. can anyone advise. I have the waiting list activated. when a space becomes available it doesn’t automatically add then top person to the class - it just opens up a new space so someone can jump the list. I can’t see where the waiting list email is or how to activate this?? really need this to work correctly for the class not be get complains. TIA

Hi Sara,

The way that waitlists work is that when a space comes free, the people on the waitlist are emailed and then the space is filled on a first come / first serve basis. People are not automatically moved from the waitlist to the class.

It seemed like this was the fairest way of doing this and prevents problems: for instance if a person has added themselves to two waitlists but actually only wants a place in one class.

I understand the usefulness of automated waitlists as an option, I will have a think about this one!

Hi - I don’t see a way for admin to change, edit the auto email that goes out to students. It doesn’t seem to be visible (or editable in the emails list or am I just missing it)

I also would like an email alert sent to me (admin) when someone joins the waitlist.