Weekly Payment option

Is it possible to have a weekly payment option for a 12 week challenge for example

Hi @Angela_S,

Very sorry I don’t think this is possible at the moment. You could sell a 12 week class pass (or single appointment alternative) but I can’t think of a way to limit this so that these could only be purchased weekly.

I will put some more thought into this!


Hi @james I have a similar question.
I’d like to have a coaching package running over 3 months with an option to pay for the 3 months in one go or split it over 3 monthly payment.
The only way I could so this would be by creating a membership, but I would like it to end after 3 months.

Currently, the membership only supports a rolling membership until the user cancel.
I know Stripe supports this as I was running an online membership on Wordpress with Paid Membership Pro plugin and you could set the length.

Could this be done?

Hi @Virginie_F,

Thanks for your message!

I had not heard of this option for memberships with Stripe. This is quite interesting I will look into this.

Hi @james- Sorry my bad, I went to double-check, in fact, this is not supported by Stripe. Other payment platforms seem to, but not Stripe. The info in my plugin says Stripe integration currently does not support billing limits.

No worries! It’s certainly an interesting idea, I will put some thought into how this could be done on the Smoothbook side.