Welcome to the Smoothbook community

My name is James, I’m the founder of Smoothbook and it’s great to see you here!

There are two main purposes to this forum:

Improved and transparent support

I receive many emails with questions about how to do things in Smoothbook, bug reports, feature requests, etc. It would be great to get these in the open so that everyone can see that their queries are being responded to and, perhaps, get other users input. In addition, you may find that your query has already been discussed and, if it hasn’t, the responses you receive can help future users.

Community and support for Smoothbook users

I’ve experienced such goodwill from Smoothbook users over time - and particularly during the Coronavirus crisis. I have learned that there are some very inspiring and brave people using the system! So instead of everyone dealing with Smoothbook as just me, I hope the goodwill and support could be shared - particularly when people really need it.

Quite apart from the Coronavirus crisis, many of you - the Smoothbook users - have a great deal in common, both professionally and, I’m sure, personally. I get many questions from new (and not) business owners with queries on everything from how to set up a Facebook page to marketing suggestions, Search Engine Optimisation, etc. It would be great to set up a resource for people to network, connect and help each other.

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