What am I doing wrong?

Hi James,
I want to re-instate a service that I had removed a while ago… and I think I did (Tuesdays, Foundations of Yoga) but it doesn’t show in my calendar. What am I missing? Or shall I simply delete it and create a new one?

Thanks a lot!!
Montse x

Hi Montse, hope you’re well!

Is it possible the service is disabled and / or scheduled off? You can check this by selecting ‘settings’ -> ‘resources and services’ from the main menu. You can see there if the service is disabled, otherwise click on the ‘days off’ link for the service to see when the service is scheduled off.

Let me know if you’re still having problems.

Hi James,
Those were the two things I thought of too but didn’t work. I can’t think of anything else to check now. Strange.

PS. Things are good here… well, indoors, of course. Boris doesn’t know what he’s doing, but that’s barely news. I hope you are ok too!

Sorry Montse, I was away for a day there.

Things are far from ideal everywhere it seems: here in Vancouver they’re tightening things up dramatically as cases surge. Also it’s getting dark at 4.30 and raining all the time :grimacing:. Anyway sounds like you’re hanging in there (which is pretty good under the circumstances); I am optimistic (for everyone) for the new year!

Sorry about this issue with your account, I will check this within the next 24 hours.

Hi James,
No worries. You are allowed to have a day away! hahaha. (we are a magnanimous community)
By the sound of it Vancouver is pretty similar to London then, feeling at home then? We are out of lockdown today, but things look pretty much the same. There’s optimism in the air and news of a vaccine! hooray.

If you can’t work it out, don’t worry, I’ll delete that service and start again… hopefully, that’ll work. You have plenty on your plate. Anyway, I’ll wait for 24 hrs before doing anything.

Haha sounds good!

I love Vancouver but - for all the things that seem to be going disastrously wrong at the moment - I really miss the UK. I’m hoping to be back in the Spring; if they can get their act together with the vaccine I really think there’ll be a bit of a boom next year - particularly in the yoga / fitness sectors. I speak for myself when I say I think people have a lot of pent up energy (and unhealthy habits) from being cooped up for a year - there’ll be big demand to get active and healthy again (also for the human contact of classes).

Montse I had a look at your service and I think the issue is that you have the service scheduled off on Tuesdays? You can check this by selecting ‘settings’ from the main menu, clicking the ‘resources and services’ icon and then clicking the ‘days off’ link for the Foundations of Yoga class. If you unselect the Tuesdays as days off then your calendar should show correctly.

Hope that helps!

PHEW! Got it! That worked. I was looking into the general ‘days off’ calendar. Thank a lot James!

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