What is the Agent Role?

Has anyone used the Agent Role. I am looking some of my colleagues limited access to the system for some administrative changes. Does this role fit the bill.
Just trying to tease out the differance between user and agent?

Hi @Fergal_B,

Hopefully to avoid confusion I use ‘user’ to mean ‘people who manage accounts and bookings’ (e.g. yoga studio owner) and then ‘customers’ are the people who book (yoga students).

So there are three (user) roles:

Owner. This is the person who registers the account and has complete access to everything - payments, settings, etc. An owner can create new users and delete the account.

Agent. You could think of an agent as a receptionist: they have access to all schedules and appointments and they can make appointments without limit. Agents do not have access to some system settings (e.g. charging and payments), they cannot create new users and they cannot delete the entire account.

Resource. Slightly confusingly there is a ‘resource’ that provides a service and then there is a ‘resource’ as in a user role. But the idea is that a resource user is mapped to one or more resources that supply services.

To put it simply: if this was a yoga studio the resource user would be an instructor who would only be able to manage their own schedule and appointments (and very limited settings).

Hope that makes sense!


Thank you James for your comprehensive reply. That makes complete sense.

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