What is the best way to get support for Smoothbooks

Hey everybody, I’m currently trialing Smoothbooks in order to recommend it to a client. I’ve submitted a couple of questions about features via the online chat section of the site, and followed that up with an email to [email protected]. I think I’ve been waiting 7 days now without a reply.

I’m just wondering if this matches other peoples experience and if anybody knows the best way to get in touch with Smoothbooks at all? It looks like it will suite my clients needs but I have a few things I need to iron out and I can’t recommend it without knowing that there is some degree of support available when it’s needed.

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Hi Mark, James is the main person at smoothbooks who usually is pretty quick at answering questions - I’m surprised to hear you haven’t heard anything from him

James used to be quite fast at responding but recently - in the past few months - I’ve also noticed questions aren’t being responded to and I was wondering why myself. Does anyone know if James’s ok?

Hi I am totally new to this community although been using Smoothbook for over 10 years. I agree with your comments James was very good at responding even by telephone but I have asked a question today and back in July with no response. Is there anyone on her who is an advanced user please? I need help to know if when I look at my booking system I can get my clients name in the booking appointment which is obviously not seen when other clients book online? also want 2 of my associates to use the system but I am unable to get them signed up so that they can login successfully and then one of my associates is receivebving all my bookings in his email. How do I stop that? need some helps as I am not savvy with all the wording used in the set up. Help please. thanks in advance