Would love to see "quick book"

Hi James,
I often get feedback (from new users) that the system is complicated.

I wonder if there is a way to streamline to create a “quickbook” option.

That they only need to click terms and agreements ONCE.

That if they have credits on their account they just get a confirmation they are booked (without having to see and move through all the payment screens)

Currently there are about six or seven clicks to book. Could there be two or three?


Hi @Kathy_W,

So funny: you do this for long enough and the obvious things are no longer obvious. I agree it would be a very good option that your customers only had to agree to the terms and conditions once - this is now on the list!

User experience on the booking calendar is probably the most challenging part of the project. Some studios have many instructors and classes; there are many config / payment options, etc., all of which need to be understood by non-technical customers who have not used the system before, on their phones.

Generally I have a philosophy that an extra click or page is worth it if it makes the system clearer to the customers but, having said all that, the booking calendar will be the focus of a major update next year and - always - if there’s a way of improving / simplifying the customer experience then that will be done.

Thanks very much, James

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Can this be optional please? I’d rather they do check them every time!

Yes, me too. I need them to check every time

Hi guys,

Yes this will be optional!