Zoom appointments in Google calendar

I have set up Smoothbook with Google calendar. I understand that when the first person who books an on;one class with create a Zoom meeting and I understood that would create a link to Google calendar. I seem to be getting emails from [email protected] regarding sharing/viewing Smoothbook Appointments. I thought you only had to do this once and new appointments would be added to the same calendar subscription. I now have multiple subscriptions for Smoothbook I expected to see all Smoothbook bookings under one calendar. Each Smoothbook entry is only for one appointment which is becoming unmanageable. So I am currently entering the appointment to my calendar via Zoom. Am i doing something wrong?

Hi @Sonia_J,

Thanks very much for your message.

Unfortunately the google calendar integration was not done in an optimal way and there are several problems with it at the moment. I was looking into fixing this on the weekend but unfortunately these fixes need to be approved by Google which will take (according to them) 4 - 6 weeks. This will get done but unfortunately at this stage it is going to take some time before the updates / fixes are released.

Thanks, James