Zoom waiting room?

Hi using smoothbook with zoom for some time but recently Im finding im having to admit people to the session. I’d rather have them admitted automatically and I think I’ve set up zoom correctly, using a passcode instead. But they still have to be admitted. Any advice you could offer me?

This is a Zoom safety feature!
You might be able to edit the meeting in your Zoom account to remove the waiting room, but it has nothing to do with Smoothbook.

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Thanks @Cristina_F .

@Stephen_E in September Zoom updated their service with this requirement - that everyone joining a meeting would require a password or be placed in the waiting room when they joined the meeting. Every Zoom meeting has a ten digit ID, unfortunately before this requirement came in anyone who guessed the ID could join the meeting (known as ‘Zoom bombing’). You can change this requirement in your Zoom settings but there is a (somewhat small but potentially disastrous) chance that you will be zoom bombed!

Thanks for the reply Guys

Hi again, still having problems with the passcode on zoom. Is the passcode intergrated into the invitation link so the recipient just clicks or do they need to be given a separate passcode to enter? What am i doing wrong?

Hi @Stephen_E,

I’m going to look into this again but the link that Smoothbook currently receives from the Zoom api (and sends to your customers) does not include the password (i.e. the password needs to be entered separately). I thought there was a way of setting a universal / default password in Zoom - so you’d only have to tell your customers the password once - but I can’t find any more information on that.

Sorry but at the moment it seems the only way of giving the password to your customers in advance is to send it to them in advance for each meeting. I appreciate it’s not ideal but you can do this quickly to the class from the dashboard.

Thanks, James