Client not receiving invitation

Hi James
I am sorry but I have someone who didn’t receive an invitation for a class last night and is asking me to send the log in for this Saturday so presumably she hasn’t received that either. I asked her to check her spam and she says it is not in there. She says she did recieve a receipt for the payment? I will send her details by email.

Ok thanks @Andrea_L, I will track down what has happened in the logs.

Hello, the same thing happened to me, when people book online class meeting is not created in Zoom neither is the invitation link sent to the customer.

Hi Ivana have you ticked the box to indicate it should be sent to zoom.?

Helo Andrea, yes I did. But It does nothing…

Hi @Ivana_M,

Sorry that you’re having this difficulty. Please could you email me at [email protected] so that I can further investigate your account.


Sorry for any issues on this. Last week Smoothbook changed email providers. This should mean far fewer problems with emails not being received but a very few are not getting through due to a bug that will be fixed within the next 24 hours.

Ah right. I have had people saying they have not received the link just today. Hopefully that will be sorted soon then.

Hi James - none of my class this evening received their usual email reminder and one of them booked for tomorrow as well said that had not arrived either

I used to be able to send an email from the class list very easily (little button send email) when I clicked on the class - I no longer see this option - or did I just imagine it was there ?

Hello James, I have had the same issue for a few weeks. I thought it was the customer not being able to find the email, but the online class meeting was not created in Zoom either. Will report back if / when it happens again.

Hi @Kathy_W @james I have the same problem with no longer being able to find the button to send email to the class (Edit, sorry now i found it on the dashboard) . I also have another problem that maybe is related in some way. My coworker is no longer able to access the appointment side for her classes so she can do changes to her own classes, she has the roles as a resource in the program. Is it a problem with the appointment side?

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback, ok there are a few separate issues here:

Zoom meetings not being created for classes (@Ivana_M @Sytske_K)

Please could you check that your config is correct:

  1. Select ‘settings’ from the main menu and then click on the APIs icon. There should be a message in the zoom section saying that your Smoothbook account is connected to Zoom.
  2. Make sure the class / service is configured to create Zoom meetings. If you select ‘settings’ and then ‘resources and services’ you’ll see a list of your services: there should be a tick in the ‘zoom integration’ column next to the service in question. If not you can just click ‘edit’ for the service and check the zoom integration checkbox.

If zoom meetings are still not being correctly created in Zoom please could you contact me at [email protected] with the name of the class / service for which this is happening and I will investigate!

Appointment reminders not being sent (@Kathy_W)

This was an issue that occurred for a few days last week that caused this to happen to a few customers. There may be some appointment reminders that weren’t sent out today (Wednesday 28th) but this issue should definitely be resolved by Thursday. Please let me know asap if you’re still having issues with this.

Cannot find button to send emails to the class (@Kathy_W, @Carina_J)

There are two modes for the display on the dashboard: one just displays all upcoming appointments in a list, the other groups appointments into classes. You can switch between them by clicking the yellow button: ‘view appointments’ or ‘view classes’

I think maybe this is not clear to people! But if you have a heading: ‘view upcoming classes’ then you should be able to see the ‘view / message class’ button and from there you should be able to see the class list / display and the button ‘email students’ should be right there:

Let me know if anyone’s still having trouble!

Hi @james ,

A client just booked 6 sessions, I can see them on Smoothbook, but when I go to my Zoom account, only 4 of the 6 meetings are listed in the upcoming meeting list. Very random. I have taken a screenshot, am about to start teaching but can email this to you later? I will have to send the client the Zoom meeting ID just in case but will ask if they had received the specific Zoom details already.



thanks James this was helpful. I will check tonight to see if students got their reminder emails… and thanks for showing how to send quick email to students…

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Ok thanks @Sytske_K, yes if you can email me the details on that one.

Thanks very much!

No problem @Kathy_W!

Hi @james email sent

Hi @james
On the classes I held on Thursday I asked 6 people if they got the appointment reminders the day before class, one said yes 5 said no.
Thankyou for looking into this :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issue with one student not receiving the email with the link. It has worked fine for everyone else. She says the email isn’t in her spam folder. I’m also not clear how to email you – can you let me know.

Hi @Carina_J, @Jess_G ,

Sometimes (rarely) the student’s email processor rejects the email as spam or some other reason. If you have individual people who are not receiving emails could you email me at [email protected] with the names of the people concerned and I’ll track down what’s happening in the logs?

Thanks very much, James

Hi James,

None of my students got their email reminder for class today again. So no students have received any reminders from me for over a week unless I send one manually.

Last week you said there were changes happening but they were now fixed. But I still have the same problem: email reminders just don’t seem to be sending since you changed email server.

Is there anything that I need to click or change my end?