Google Calendar showing customers details

There have been quite a few instances whereby a customer has booked in to a class and then a calendar appointment has been created for them in google calendar (not sure if it happens on apple as well). Whilst this is good it also shows all of the other attendees to the class on the appointment including names and email addresses.
Pretty sure this goes against GDPR rules. How do we stop this happening?

This is scary and needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency. I havent started using Smoothbook yet but would not wish to do so if this isnt fixed.

Hi @Nicholas_G, @Carolyn_T

The Google calendar integration is intended for staff only; it is an additional way for them to see their schedule / classes without having to log into the admin interface. In addition to providing the names of people in the class to the instructor, it also provides email addresses for easy communication with students - information they would have if they logged into smoothbook.

Google calendars created by smoothbook are not intended to be shared publicly or with students.

Hope that makes sense, James

Hi @james , thank you for the reply.
I understand the intention but this has happened to customers and not staff. They are able to see who else is booked in to the class as well as email addresses. More than happy to send print screens etc… direct to you if you need me to?

Ciao @james , ho riscontrato anche io lo stesso problema. Il cliente riceve l’appuntamento sul suo calendario e vede i dettagli degli invitati e questo è un primo problema (se non vedesse gli invitati sarebbe un valore aggiunto invece). Il secondo problema è che l’istruttore o risorsa NON riceve l’appuntamento sul suo calendario, lo riceve solo la palestra proprietaria dell’account Smoothbook.

Hi @Nicholas_G,

Could you please send any details you have to [email protected] and I’ll look into this straight away.

Thanks very much, James

@Backstage_ssd_a grazie per avermi fatto sapere. Sfortunatamente dovrò disabilitare questa funzione per un breve periodo per risolvere il problema.

Grazie, James

@james I have sent the screenshots over to you.

Hi guys,

Unfortunately there have been an increasing number of problems with this integration recently; I have made the decision to temporarily disable this feature. I wrote a post about this here: The Google Calendar integration has been temporarily disabled

Very sorry for any inconvenience caused.