My clients are unable to book my classes

Hi there, My clients are unable to book and pay for classes. I’m not a techy person, usually I send the booking link into WhatsApp, and I have the booking slug embedded in a button on my Facebook page. That’s all, simple… Why isn’t working? They’re getting a cookies/consent page and can’t go ahead. I really need help very quick.
Here is a screenshot:

Please help

Hi @Patricia_M,

I am sorry: there was an issue with a recent update which I have replied to here: Unable to access calendar

Thanks, James

Hi James,
I see. But my clients mostly use their smart phones for booking the classes. How do we do a hard reload from a smart phone? As I said I’m not really tech savvy, neither are most of my clients.Any advice?

I have reuploaded the app and reset the caches, I’m hoping that this will solve the problem.

In every mobile browser there is a ‘reload’ icon: pressing this should update the app and solve this issue if it’ still occurring.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi James, a few if my clients are experiencing this again and can’t get rid of the cookie screen. Can you help please? Thanks, Lisa